Closing Comments

Fasthosts VPS is a reliable, production-ready, enterprise-grade product for hosting your websites, applications or anything else you need a cheap Linux or Windows VPS for.

There are a few things I’d like to see implemented which (in my opinion) would make this the ultimate VPS offering:

  • Block storage – add extra storage volumes to a VPS so you don’t have to increase CPU/RAM just to get more storage (this is supported on CloudNX directly)
  • Snapshot – take a snapshot before a major change and rollback to a snapshot (this is supported on CloudNX directly)
  • Private networking – connect multiple VPSs to a high-speed, private network (this is also supported on CloudNX directly, within the same data-centre)

Even without the above features, however, the Fasthosts VPS product is a great offering that you should check out if you need a Linux or Windows VPS.

If you already have a Fasthosts VPS (or other product) and would like some independent help managing it, please get in touch.

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